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Lapel pins are small pins that are usually worn on the lapel of a coat, jacket or a dress. These beautiful creative lapel pins are worn by people with pride and others collect themand is quite often a mark of affiliation to a club, school, or society. It can take any shape or size and has a few different styles.


What are Lapel Pin Used For?

Lapel Pins Are An Important Part Of Corporate Identity

Lapel pins look great on the coat of employees who are working with either a small firm or a big company. Normally, the designs of their lapel pins are the logos of their company or sometimes the name of the company.

Lapel Pins Inform And Educate

Wearing lapel pins can easily recognize the members of a certain organizations. These pins inform the public what type of work you do and the organization you belong with.

Recognize and reward achievement and success

Some pins are made to be used as recognition awards for the achievements and success that a certain employee had done with their company or organization. It is also used as an award for an event or contest. Handing out lapel pins to participants especially to those who won can make the event more memorable.

Lapel Pins Make Special Presents And Are Very Collectable

These lapel pins can also be great gifts. It can be used as a token of appreciation to someone. While others, collect different types and designs of lapel pins. These people start collecting lapel pins as a hobby.


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