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Soft Enamel vs Hard Enamel Pins

Soft Enamel vs Hard Enamel Pins - The Differences

What’s the difference between hard and soft enamel?

The biggest difference between hard and soft enamel is the finished texture. Hard enamel, Cloisonné, is more durable, scratch resistant and has a higher quality finish., soft enamel pins are less smooth, more affordable and allow for more designs and colours. . Both methods use the same metal molds, and both will have bright and vibrant colors. But there are also some special options that are exclusive to soft enamel.


When to Choose Soft Enamel

The only way to get an enamel badge with unique finishes such as rainbow plated, painted black, or painted any other custom color, is to use soft enamel. Soft enamel is less scratch resistant. Soft enamel badges are the most popular as they are durable enough to last, they are very affordable especially if you order in bulk and are what most people think of when they think enamel badges.


When to Choose Hard Enamel

Hard enamel pins are much more durable and scratch resistant due to being made at a much higher temperature than soft enamel and then being polished down. Most of the time, it’s simply a personal preference between soft and hard enamel. Certain finishes such as gold and silver metal plating work much better on hard enamel. If you need a durable enamel badge then hard enamel is what you are looking for. They look higher quality and that makes them popular for fancier places.

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